The Black Cat

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1934. Vintage oversize borderless double weight black and white photograph from the set of the 1934 film. Snipe in manual type on the verso, mentioning Karloff in "his latest picture for Universal, The Black Cat," and rubber stamps crediting photographer Roman Freulich, noting that the struck print is for an archive, and that the photo is to be an exclusive. A stunning image of Karloff, in full high priest regalia.

One of several great films by director Ulmer, and along with "Detour," probably his finest achievement, an efficient tale in which a young couple with a broken down automobile land not in a decidedly art deco haunted house, where Karloff resides and Lugosi, along with the couple is visiting. Michael Weaver notes: "Boldly thumbing its nose at convention, the film is a veritable catalog of human corruption. Sadism, shades of incest, revenge, murder, torture, voyeurism, Satan worship, ailurophobia, necrophilia, rape, and insanity are weaved into the nearly plotless story with remarkable precision."

8.5 x 11.75 inches. Near Fine.

Weaver, p. 87-95.

[Book #135018]