Tarzan and the Valley of Gold

Los Angeles: American International Pictures [AIP], Circa 1966. Collection of 9 vintage black-and-white reference still photographs from the 1966. Each still shows a particular location in Mexico City and in Acapulco, Mexico, various scenes used for shooting the film.

Tarzan (Mike Henry) travels from Africa to Mexico at the request of an old friend to help rescue a kidnapped boy named Ramel (Padilla, Jr.). Augustus Vinero (Opatoshu), the kidnapper, forces Ramel to lead him to the city supposedly made of gold. Tarzan sets out with Ramel's pet leopard, a lion and a chimpanzee and soon locates the boy. Ramel shows him the way to the lost city where Tarzan confronts Vinero and his henchmen.

8 x 10 inches. Tiny edge tears and creases, else Near Fine overall.

[Book #135228]