Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures, 1977. An archive of material from the making of the 1977 Steven Spielberg film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." From the estate of Phil Abramson, set director for the film, whose work earned an Academy Award nomination.

The archive includes:

A typed letter to Phil Abramson from director Steven Spielberg, SIGNED by Spielberg, on stationery bearing the film's title and the address for Columbia Pictures. Spielberg states that, "in an article in Warhol's newspaper INTERVIEW, which (a) is read by about 19 people, and (b) none of those 19 would be of any concern to you, someone other than you, namely Joe Alves, was erroneously credited with decorating my home." He continues to ease Phil Abramson's mind with regard to someone else receiving credit for his (presumed) interior decorating of Spielberg's house. The letter ends with "the ducks and rabbits all miss you." With the original mailing envelope.

Approximately 30 color transparency slides and 10 color photographs featuring scouting shots taken around the base of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, the site chosen for the alien landing in the film. Several images show Vilmos Zsigmond, whose cinematography in the film earned an Academy Award.

A photo album containing approximately 40 color photographs taken during a production-related house party, with shots of Terri Garr, Richard Dreyfuss, Steven Spielberg, and others.

Twelve letters concerning the procurement of various props, most addressed to Abramson, from such persons as Richard D. Zanuck (concerning a bill payment for flowers), David Brown (a fan commenting on the film as a "great achievement"), Ralph Nelson (also praising the film), Clark Paylow (associate producer), Don R. Hanes (associate at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, whose logo was used in the film, with a color slide of the logo), Robert D. Benis of WTHR Television, Eric S. Peterson of Rockwell International, Dorothy E. Bradshaw of North Central Airlines in Minnesota, William Broker of the property department at the Burbank Studios, and photocopied letters from members of the production crew to various companies.

Also included is some interesting ephemera unique to the film: a “Close Encounters" iron-on patch, a vintage production T-shirt with “CE3K” across the front, and a souvenir sweatshirt with a logo for Devil’s Tower on the front.

Based on Spielberg's novel of the same name, about Roy Neary (Dreyfuss), who is one of several people who witness UFOs at night, and subsequently begins to have visions of a mysterious place. Government agents also have similar encounters, only they discover physical evidence of extraterrestrials. Roy and the agents join together and are led to a place (not unlike the place in Roy's visions) where they have a close encounter of the third kind: contact. Winner of an Academy Award (Best Cinematography, 1978), and placed in the National Film Registry (2007), and Spielberg's third feature as director (following "Jaws", 1975, and "The Sugarland Express," 1974.)

Set in primarily Muncie, Indiana, shot on location throughout the US, as well as Mexico and India.

National Film Registry.

Complete collation details available on request.

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