Sexploitation film stills collection

Various cities: Various studios, 1937-1984. Collection of 311 vintage still photographs from 95 sexploitation films released between 1941 and 1981, comprised predominantly of black and white studio photographs but with some color or reference photos.

Sexploitation films in the mid-century featured female stars in sexually charged roles, as lesbians, stewardesses, nurses, prostitutes, virgins, teens, inmates, rollergirls, bikers, beachgoers, cheaters, curious aliens, Scandanavians, submissives, beatniks, junkies, and just about any other marketable context. The genre hit its peak in the 1960s but was by no means limited to that decade. Differing attitudes towards sex in the United States, Europe, Central America, and Asia resulted in a wide variety of content, perspective, and subtext. The collection offered here features a diverse international range of films made in Sweden, France, West Germany, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, and elsewhere.

The collection runs the gamut of the genre, from its relatively innocent beginnings to a high point of creative content by the 1970s. As an example, "They Wear No Clothes" (1941), simply explores life in a nudist colony, whereas by the 1970s titles such as "Girls at the Gynecologist," "Naughty Stewardesses," "Truck Stop Women," and "Erotica" are more imaginative, explicit, and subversive. Also in the collection are examples of sexploitation films made between 1968-1979 that, due to a somewhat gentler approach, reached broader international audiences, including "The Story of O" (titles in both English or French), "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush," Walerian Borowczyk's controversial "Immoral Tales," and "Goodbye Emmanuelle."

Stills largely approximately 8 x 10 inches. Very Good plus to about Fine condition.

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