Diaboliquement votre [Diabolically Yours]

Julien Duvivier (director, screenwriter)
Louis C. Thomas (novel)
Victor Rodrigue (photographer)
Roland Girard, Jean Bolvary, Paul Gegauff (screenwriters)
Alain Delon, Senta Berger, Peter Mosbacher, Claude Pieplu (starring)

France: N.p., Circa 1967. Two vintage borderless black-and-white reference still photographs from the 1967 Italian-French-German film. From the archives of French film historian Maurice Bessy (1910-1993). Bessy's rubber stamp and name label on the verso of one still, with brief annotations in holograph ink on the versos of both stills.

Featured in one still is director Duvivier and actor Sergio Fantoni, both engaging in a spirited conversation. In the other, Duvivier stands above a bandaged Alain Delon in his hospital bed, surrounded by members of the crew.

Based on the 1962 novel "Manie de la persecution" by Louis C. Thomas. After a near fatal car crash resulting in a coma, Pierre (Delon) awakens to a new life. Attempting to search for his true identity after suffering amnesia, coming ever closer to finding the truth, and ever closer to unspeakable danger.

Julian Duvivier's final film.

One still 7 x 9.5 inches, one 8 x 11.75 inches. About Near Fine overall.

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