Jason and the Argonauts

London: Morningside Worldwide Pictures, Circa 1975. Early Revised Draft script for the 1963 British-American film, dated two years prior to its release. First generation reproduction, likely made for educational purposes circa early-mid 1970s, evidenced by the use of a photocopy process (not employed in the UK until the early 1970s). The script's vintage is also evidenced by the postal code on the front wrapper, which includes an "outward code," a system not introduced in the UK until 1967 and not put into widespread use until the 1970s. Not being offered as a vintage item, but strictly as the content of the complete script.

Jason (Armstrong), rightful heir to the throne of Thessaly, is spared from death through the intervention of the goddess Hera (Honor Blackman), who then helps Jason in his search for the Golden Fleece. Obstacles along his path include a giant statue, screeching harpies, huge rocks, the seven-headed hydra, and an army of skeletons (with a nod from Sam Raimi in his 1992 cult classic "Army of Darkness").

Associate producer and special effect legend Ray Harryhausen provided all the great effects here, generally considered (even by Harryhausen himself) to be his greatest effort.

Shot on location in Italy.

Cream wrappers with paper title label. Title page present, dated aug. 6th, 1961, with credits for screenwriters Read, Cross, and Ray Bowers (uncredited upon the film's release). 145 leaves, with last page of text numbered 152. Xerographically reproduced from original roneograph sheets, with revision pages throughout, dated variously between 8/6/61 and 8/15/61. Pages and wrapper Very Good plus, bound with two silver brads.

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