Carl Boehm on the set of "Peeping Tom"

London: Michael Powell (Theatre), circa 1960. Vintage borderless production photograph from the UK release of the 1960 British film. Shown is Austrian actor Carl Boehm, sitting pensively in front of the tripod-mounted film projector to which he is hopelessly devoted. On the verso is a rubber stamped credit and disclaimer for J. Arthur Rank Studios, a mimeo snipe describing the scene, and a credit for photographer Norman Gryspeerdt, and a provenance stamp noting that this photo is from the collection of J.-P. Berthome

7.25 x 9 inches (18.5 x 23 cm). In an archival mat. Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 58. Grant, p. 495. Hardy, The BFI Companion to Crime, p. 256. Spicer, p. 446.

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