The Love Parade [Parade d'amour]

Ernst Lubitsch (director)
Cliff Leary (photographer)
Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald (starring)

N.p. Cliff Leary, 1929. Vintage sepia photograph of the world premiere of the landmark 1929 film, at the legendary Criterion Theatre in New York. Shot by photographer Cliff Leary, with his stamp on the verso, as well as a numeric reference number (6434), and the stamp of a Scandanavian press agency (Kobenhavnerinden).

A huge hit for Paramount in 1929, a comforting fact for the studio given that it was released just after the Wall Street crash. The great Ernst Lubitsch's first talking film, the film debut of Jeanette MacDonald, the American debut of Maurice Chevalier. Too "The Love Parade" is considered by many to be the first musical film in which songs were integrated with story, and the first to make innovative first use of music with no image at the end of the film. Finally, a wonderful example of the kinds of magnificent physical artwork that would routinely go into major premieres at the beginning of the talking era.

8 x 10 inches. In an archival mat. Very Good, with faint creasing and light wear at the corners.

Hirschhorn, p. 32.

[Book #135600]