The Story of Adele H [L'histoire d'Adele H.]

François Truffaut (director, screenwriter)
Adele Hugo (memoir)
Jean Gruault, Suzanne Schiffman, Frances V. Guille (screenwriters)
Isabelle Adjani, Bruce Robinson (starring)

Paris: Les Films du Carrosse / Les Productions Artistes Associes, 1975. Collection of 4 vintage black-and-white press photographs from the set of the 1975 film. Three of the four photographs show Truffaut and his crew working on the set, both in front of the camera and behind it, and the fourth is a lovely shot of Truffaut in uniform next to Isabelle Adjani. Stamp of French press agency Les Artiests Associes on the verso of each print.

Based on the diaries of the youngest daughter of author Victor Hugo, about a woman whose romantic obsession with an indifferent military captain eventually leads to her despair and madness. Isabelle Adjani was nominated for an Academy award, making her, at age 20, the youngest Best Actress nominee of all time in 1975.

Story set in Halifax, Nova Scotia, shot on location in Barbados, Senegal, and the Channel Islands.

8 x 10 inches. Fine.

[Book #135604]