Los Angeles: Twentieth Century-Fox, 1966. Collection of seven vintage black-and-white test photographs from the 1966 feature film, released the same year as the premiere of the seminal television series. Included is a rear shot of the Batmobile, designed by George Barris, replete with its completely current 1966 Gotham City license plates. The other six photos in the set are test shots for the highly stylized printed exclamations that would appear during the inevitable fight sequences involving Batman, Robin, and the minions of a given episode's Special Guest Villain.

William Dozier's 1966 creation was beyond anything of its time in terms of visual innovation, camp, and blazing primary colors. The titles from the fight sequences here are the epitome of a show in which almost everything was labeled (Bat Computer, Henchmen, gadgets, etc.), and the Batmobile itself brought a modernity that had theretofore only existed in the likes of Popular Mechanics and magazines for auto fanatics. After many years of rights disputes, the entire series was restored to full glory in 2014, meeting with worldwide accolades.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

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