Complete archive of scripts for Wonderful You

Matt Lipsey (director)
Richard Lumsden, Chris Niel (screenwriter)
Kelly Reilly, Greg Wise, Tony Gardner (starring)

Cardiff, Wales: Hartswood Films, 1998. An archive of 11 scripts for the complete 7 episode British television miniseries "Wonderful You." Copies belonging to make-up artist Teresa Kelly, with her manuscript name and annotations throughout in highlighter and ink. Included in the listing are Archive also includes 20 pages of call sheets and shooting schedules with Kelly's manuscript annotations.

Almost certainly begun as an attempt to at least in part mimic the early success of the long-running sitcom "Friends," "Wonderful You" follows a group of thirty-something aged friends in London as they navigate their convoluted interpersonal relationships. Unlike "Friends," however, in which all the main characters start out as single and slowly acquire partners, "Wonderful You" contains a number of different states of romantic relationships right from the beginning, including a few single people, a successful couple in a long term relationship, a gay couple, and an unhappily married couple with a young son. Though "Friends" may be considered one of the more successful sitcoms of the late 1990s, and certainly one of the longest-running, "Wonderful You" instead makes a much more succinct (and arguably much less saccharine) statement about the nature of relationships themselves. Shot on location in London.

Scripts all housed in tall white self wrappers as issued, some unbound sheets and some prong bound. One script then further housed in a red spring binder. All have credits for screenwriters Niel and Lumsden. Title page integral with the front wrappers. Mechanical duplication, some with pink, blue, or yellow revision pages. Very Good plus condition or better.

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