Outlaw Women

Los Angeles: Lippert Pictures, Circa 1952. Draft script for the 1952 film. Copy belonging to an uncredited crew member, with brief annotations in holograph pencil on the verso of the last page of text, and on a few pages.

An unusual story for a low-budget Western: a tough woman gambler named Iron Mae McLeod (Windsor) runs a town where law states that men are illegal. The tough McLeod is soon caught in the lusty lasso of Woody Callaway (Rober), a handsome and persistent cowboy.

The Poverty Row studio, Lippert Pictures, lasted nearly two decades (1948-1969), and would resurface as the production company for "Don't Do It" (1994). Notable films produced or distributed by Lippert include "Jungle Goddess" (1948), "I Shot Jesse James" (1949), forgotten films noir like "Radar Secret Service" and "Motor Patrol" (both 1950), Samuel Fuller's "The Steel Helmet" (1951), Sam Newfield's "Lost Continent" (1951), and Terence Fisher's classic Hammer noir, "Man Bait" (1952).

Blue untitled wrappers. Title page integral with first page of text, undated, with a credit for screenwriter Hampton. 115 leaves, with last page of text numbered 115. Mimeograph duplication. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, bound with three gold brads.

Hardy, The Western, p. 218. Okuda 486.

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