I'll Be Seeing You

Beverly Hills, CA: Selznick International, 1949. Post-production Cutting Continuity script for the well-loved 1944 film, mimeograph for the Selznick Studio files in 1949.

A woman in prison convicted of accidental manslaughter and a man in a VA hospital with PTSD are both given brief leave for the holidays, and meet each other while on a train. In spite of each of their conditions, the pair slowly realizes their feelings for each other. Starring Ginger Rogers, Joseph Cotten, and Shirley Temple.

Yellow titled wrappers, dated January 3, 1944 (rerun July 7, 1949), noting 3 reels and footage of 3042 feet. Mimeograph duplication, approx. 35 leaves. Near Fine.

[Book #135963]