Archive of photographs featuring Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on stage, circa 1972

N.p. N.p., Circa 1972. Archive of nine black and white, double weight photographs, circa 1972, of Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on stage, apparently unpublished, by noted photographer Michael Montfort, three with the stamp of German magazine "Stern" on the verso. A single photograph also features a bass-playing John Paul Jones in the background. From the estate of the photographer.

Born in Freiburg, Germany, Michael Montfort began his career working as a photojournalist for German magazines such as "Stern," "Quick," and "Bild am Sonntag." In addition to shooting numerous rock and jazz performances, he covered Queen Elizabeth's 1965 visit to Germany, the aftermath of the Six Day War in Israel and Egypt, and the May 1968 protests in Paris. Montfort emigrated to Los Angeles in 1973 and began working as a freelancer. Four years later, on assignment for the German literary magazine "Rogners," Montfort was sent to photograph Charles Bukowski. Aided by the case of wine he smartly brought with him to their first meeting, Montfort connected with the publicity-shy and splenetic poet. Over the next two decades, as both Bukowski's drinking buddy and personal photographer, he shot literary thousands of images of Bukowski and collaborated with him on titles such as "Horsemeat," "Shakespeare Never Did This," and "The Wedding." In addition to Bukowski, Montfort shot notable photographs of luminaries such as William S. Burroughs, Klaus Kinski, Brigitte Bardot, and a Jackson 5 era Michael Jackson.

Photographs sized variously 11.75 x 8 inches (30 x 20 cm), 15 x 10 inches (38 x 25.5 cm), and 15.75 x 11.25 inches (40 x 28.5 cm). About Fine.

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