Berlin: Nero-Film AG, 1931. Vintage oversize double weight photograph from the 1931 film. Based on the true story of psychopathic serial killer Hans Beckert, nicknamed the "Vampire of Dusseldorf," here played by Peter Lorre. A brilliant image from this crime thriller classic in which the search is on for Lorre.

Lang's first sound film, Lorre's breakthrough role, and the film Lang considered to be his masterpiece—an assertion that has found much agreement since. The mood, atmosphere, and lighting foreshadow film noir, and Lang's use of sound, though primitive technologically, still makes a powerful psychological impact.

So strongly regarded was the film that MGM producer Irving Thalberg assembled his writers and directors for a screening and told them they needed to be making films of this caliber. Banned in Germany in 1934 when the Nazis came into power, at which point Lorre and Lang, both of partial Jewish ancestry, fled the country. The expressionistic art direction visible here, the uncredited work of Edgar G. Ulmer, would also serve as the basis of Ulmer's later directorial work in Hollywood, where he would make some of the most creative and classic noir-style films. Set in Berlin, shot there on location.

Nero film insignia in the lower right corner, with a Dutch blind stamp at the upper right corner. Original German stills from this film are scarce: this is the only one we have ever offered.

9 x 12 inches. Fine.

Complete collation details available on request.

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