Paris: Film-Production Carl Dreyer, 1932. Vintage double weight matte finish French still photograph from the 1932 film. Shown is Rena Mandel as Gisele.

"Vampyr" was a German-French co-production, and Dreyer, who maintained strict creative control over his films, has production companies in both Berlin and Paris. This photo was issued from the Paris office, with a label crediting Film-Production Carl Dreyer affixed to verso, with the French title of "L'Etrange Aventure de David Gray," the production office's Paris address, and a credit for Mandel.

The film was funded by Baron Nicholas de Gunzburg, a German aristocrat and non-professional actor who acted in the lead role under the pseudonym Julian West. Gunzburg plays a student of the occult who arrives to a small village outside of Paris. He finds the village to be rife with supernatural creatures who are luring the townspeople to suicide so that they can become servants of the devil.

Dreyer's first sound film, for which dialogue had to be recorded in three languages.
As a result very little dialogue was recorded and title cards used for much of the story, with most dialogue and effects added in post-production. The film was shot in 1930 and 1931, but its distributor UFA delayed the debut in Berlin until May 1932, as they wanted the American film adaptations of "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" to play first.

Shot on location outside of Paris in Aisne, Loiret, and Oise.

6.25 x 8.25 inchescm. About Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 437. Flynn, p. 41.

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