George Raft, Carole Lombard, Sally Rand (starring)
Wesley Ruggles (director)
Horace Jackson, Kubec Glasmon, Carey Wilson, Ruth Ridenour (screenwriters)

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1933. Revised Final Script for the 1934 pre-Code film musical.

A stylish Paramount musical that, unlike so many others from its time, came with a great storyline. George Raft rises from coal mine laborer to top dancer in prewar Europe. While weaving his way through romantic entanglements (including a fling with Sally Rand, who performs her famous fan dance here), he secures his own nightclub, at which point he meets the real love of his life, Carole Lombard (after asking her to audition in her underwear in his hotel room). A pre-Code gem that seems almost to have been designed to push the censors' buttons, simultaneously one of the raciest and moodiest "A" musicals produced by this studio.

Tall self-wrappers as issued, stamped FILE COPY and RETURN TO SCRIPT DEPT. / PARAMOUNT PICTURES, INC., on the front wrapper, rubber-stamped production No. 171, and dated November 8, 1933. Manuscript pencil notation at the top left corner reading, "P 980." Credits on the front wrapper for screenwriters Jackson, Wilson, Glasmon, and Ridenour. Mimeograph duplication, side-stapled. Near Fine condition.

Hirschhorn, p. 85.

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