Gate of Hell [Jigokumon]

Teinosuke Kinugasa (director, screenwriter)
Kan Kikuchi (playwright)
Masaichi Nagata (screenwriter)
Machiko Kyo, Kazuo Hasegawa (starring)

Japan: Daiei Studios, 1954. Vintage black-and-white studio still photograph from the US release of the 1953 Japanese film. Though not noted in any way, this copy belonged to screenwriter, director, and film ephemera collector Leonard Schrader.

The first Japanese color film to ever be released outside of Japan, and a cornerstone Asian film. "Gate of Hell" tells the story of a samurai who wishes to marry a woman whom he has rescues only to find she is already married to another. Winner of an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, as well as an honorary Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

8 x 10 inches. Fine condition.

Criterion Collection 653. Masters of Cinema 40.

[Book #137133]