Uptight! [Up Tight!]

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1968. An extraordinary archive of ephemera from the 1968 neo-noir film, the centerpiece of which is a large piece of original artwork by production designer Alexander Trauner. Also included are a US one sheet poster, US half sheet poster, US insert poster, US pressbook, Australian daybill poster (with the alternate title "Up Tight"), and a German A1 poster (with the alternate title "Black Power").

An overlooked and exceedingly important African-American neo-noir film, the first to deal with contemporary black revolutionaries who rose in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Today the film is considered a work that seeded the explosion of blaxploitation films in the late 1960s and into the 1970s. The story's events surround the death of Martin Luther King, framed as a remake of "The Informer" (John Ford, ), in turn based on the 1925 proletarian novel by Liam O'Flaherty.

Shot on location in Cleveland, the first US film for noted director Dassin (who had left the US at the height of the McCarthy hearings) in nearly two decades.

The scenario drawing depicts a meeting of black revolutionaries at their headquarters in an abandoned Cleveland bowling alley, after the death of Martin Luther King and following a gun heist and murder. Signed in the lower right corner with the designer's Hungarian birth surname, "Trau." Executed in gouache, ink, watercolor, pen, and pencil.

Seen by very few upon its release, UPTIGHT was restored and released on blu-ray in 2014 by the curated label Olive Films. A copy of the disc is included with the piece.

All pieces about Near Fine or better, with the artwork showing a small watercolor tide mark at one corner.

Artwork 17 x 24 inches.
US one sheet 27 x 41 inches.
US half sheet 22 x 28 inches.
US insert poster 14 x 36 inches.
US pressbook 15 x 12 inches.
Australian daybill 13 x 30 inches, folded as issued.
German A1 poster 23 x 33 inches, folded as issued.

Letter with full provenance regarding the Trauner artwork is included.

Grant US. Parrish and Hill 226.

[Book #137465]