Burn [Quemada]

Beverly Hills, CA: Emidela / United Artists, 1969. Collection of vintage black-and-white negatives, contact sheets, and mounted slides and transparencies from the 1969 Italian-French film, "Burn!," here under the original Spanish title "Quemada." From the collection of Sam Gilman, with his name on several of the film processing envelopes in holograph ink. Gilman did not work in this film, but worked with Brando on earlier films like "One-Eyed Jacks" (1961) and "The Young Lions " (1958), as well as later on "The Missouri Breaks" (1976).

Over 130 images representing on-the-set production, featuring Marlon Brando on a lunch break, director Pontecorvo riding a mule, and members of the cast and crew, as well as images of locals likely used as extras. Formats include 35mm color slides, 35mm negative filmstrips, medium-format negatives and mounted color transparencies, and three 8 x 10 contact sheets.

Based loosely on the life of Sir William Walker (1824-1860). Walker (Brando) is a professional mercenary who ignites a slave revolt on an island in the Caribbean, where the British sugar trade is in turmoil. After a successful mission, Walker returns to Britain, where he remains for ten years. The same slave revolt he helped initiate is now at war with the replacement regime, and he is sent back to quell the revolt. Seen as a traitor to the natives, Walker is subsequently assassinated, riddled with guilt upon his death.

Shot on location in Colombia, Morocco, Italy, and France.

All items Near Fine overall, with slides, transparencies, and negatives still in the original film processing envelopes and boxes from the Emidela processing company in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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