Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter

N.p. Self published, 1983. Draft script for an unproduced film called "Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter," written by Joshua Becker and Scott Spiegel, who released a short film of the same name a year earlier, in 1982, starring Bruce Campbell as the bounty hunter, and Sam Raimi as a nazi.

This script is very likely a lengthening of the original short film script, where Cleveland Smith springs a leak in his canoe, jumps onto a rock that is actually a dinosaur, and lands in quicksand. A nazi appears, and Smith attempts to escape by hooking onto a low-flying plane, only to crash into a tree near a native camp. Smith fends off some of the natives with a ventriloquist dummy, fences a swordsman, and wrestles a giant native to save Sally, his love interest, while retrieving a pair of pants known as the "Waders of the Lost Park."

Gray wrappers. Title page present, dated April 22, 1983, noted as Registered with the Writer's Guild of America, with credits for screenwriters Becker and Spiegel. 99 leaves, with last page of text numbered 97. Xerographically reproduced. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, bound with three gold brads.

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