Cold Sweat [The Visitors of the Night]

Terence Young (director)
Richard Matheson (novel)
Jo Eisinger, Dorothea Bennett (screenwriter)
Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason, Jill Ireland (starring)

Switzerland: Intermovie, Circa 1970. First Draft script for the 1970 film "Cold Sweat," here under the working title, "The Visitors of the Night." Brief annotations in manuscript ink on a few pages.

Based on Richard Matheson's 1959 novel, "Ride the Nightmare." Joe (Bronson) is a US Army sergeant imprisoned in Germany during the Korean War. During his prison stay, he meets a few men and they decide to escape, one of the men killing a German police officer along the way. Joe, disgusted, abandons his fellows and leaves them to be recaptured. Years later, they track Joe down and use him and his boat rental company to smuggle drugs, holding his wife and daughter hostage unless he agrees to offer assistance.

Shot on location in France.

Printed tan titled wrappers. Title page present, undated, noted as First Draft Screenplay, with credits for screenwriters Eisinger and Bennett. 118 leaves, with last page of text numbered 117. Mechanical duplication on white stock, with green pages throughout. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, bound internally with a silver prong brad.

[Book #138038]