Beverly Hills, CA: United Artists, 1962. Vintage US one-sheet poster for the 1962 film. Poster art by prolific paperback illustrator, Mitchell Hooks, featuring a leggy Dickinson readying a scooter. Studio rubber stamp on the verso.

Based on Flora Sandstrom's (Flora Wainwright) 1954 novel, "The Midwife of Pont Clery." Recently widowed Jessica (Dickinson), a nurse, decides to remain in Italy rather than return home, becoming a midwife. She attracts most of the men in town, away from their wives who begin to resent her presence. The wives abstain from relations with their husbands to spit her, but a priest, Father Antonio (Chevalier), disapproves of their scheme.

Shot on location in Italy.

27 x 41 inches, folded. Very Good, with brief creasing, a few tiny holes, and a few pieces of cello tape on the verso.

[Book #138533]