Max Headroom

Burbank, CA: American Broadcasting Company [ABC], 1987. Revised Draft script for the pilot episode of the 1987-1988 television series, "Max Headroom." The pilot episode would air under the title "Blipverts," noted here simply as "Pilot." Notations throughout in holograph pencil.

Max Headroom (Frewer) was created in 1984, portrayed as "The World's First Computer-Generate television Host," developed in England. The character was first seen in the cyberpunk television movie "Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future" (1985). Max, who was visible only from the shoulders up, with shiny prosthetic features and Ray-Ban sunglasses, saw enough popularity to incite a spin-off, a music video program called "The Max Headroom Show," immediately gaining a cult status and running for three seasons. In 1987, "Max Headroom" aired as a dramatic television series in the US, running for two seasons and two later episodes in 1988, and a film version featuring the character was proposed but never realized.

The pilot episode: investigative television news reporter Edison Carter (also Frewer) uncovers a secret about the new technology being used by Network 23, called "Blipverts," high-intensity commercials with the ability to overload people's nervous system, causing them to explode. His boss discovers Carter's inside knowledge and vows to have him killed, but he survives and creates the computerized personality, Max Headroom.

Blue titled self wrappers. 78 leaves, with last page of text numbered 23. Xerographically duplicated, with blue and pink revision pages throughout, dated variously between 1/9/87 and 1/12/87. Near Fine overall, bound with two gold brads.

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