Oedipus Rex [Edipo re]

Rome: Arco Films, 1967. Vintage borderless photograph from the set of the 1967 Italian film. Director Pier Paolo Pasolini is seen behind the camera, shooting Silvia Mangana and Franco Citti. Short typescript description in Italian and Roma Press rubber stamp on the verso.

A sparse, intensely personal modern adaptation of the Oedipus Rex tale, in which a man and woman have a child, and the man becomes jealous of his wife's attentions to his son. The film's setting then changes back to antiquity, where the legend largely follows its original course, suggesting we may not be as emotionally removed from ancient times as we may believe. Set in modern and ancient Italy, shot on location in Italy.

8 x 12 inches. Near Fine.

Masters of Cinema 39. Rosenbaum 1000.

[Book #138750]

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