Lewis Gilbert (director)
Bill Naughton (play, screenwriter)
Jack Dooley (photographer)
Michael Caine, Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Jane Asher (starring)

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1966. Vintage borderless photograph from the set of the 1966 UK film. Featuring a very relaxed Michael Caine, laying across the laps of his four female costars (Vivien Merchant, Jane Asher, Julia Foster, and Shelley Winters) between takes. Tipped-on snipe humorously describing Michael Caine's interest in the opposite sex on the verso.

Based on Naughton's 1966 play, about a young man from the working classes of sexy, swinging 1960s London, Alfie (Caine in his first starring role) is a confident, charming ladies' man whose appetites for sex are met in the fun-loving Ruby (Winters).

Director Gilbert breaks the fourth wall in this film, with Caine directly addressing the camera in attempt to gain sympathy from the audience (a technique used again by Gilbert in "Shirley Valentine," 1989). Gilbert also addressed the then-taboo issues of pregnancy and abortion in an uncommonly candid style.

Set in London, shot on location there and in Middlesex, England.

7 x 9 inches. About Fine.

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