Three photos from Olympia [Schonheit im Olympischen Kampf]

New York: Excelsior Pictures, 1938. Three vintage black and white second generation photographs from the groundbreaking 1938 film documenting the 1936 Summer Olympipcs, held in Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Released in two parts, "Olympia: Festival of Nations" and "Olympia: Festival of Beauty." From the archive of Maurice Bessy, with his rubber stamp and light holograph annotations on the verso.

Based on Riefenstahl's photobook from the previous year, "Schonheit im Olympischen Kampf." A rare example where a photobook and a film are equally important as both works of art, and a historical document. Riefenstahl made the book and the film as propaganda for Hitler, and spent a lifetime trying to live down her devotion to him, but this work in particular is so powerful as to stand apart from the reasons for which it was made. Easily the most visceral and important document of The Olympics and the spirit of human physical achievement ever produced.

Variously sized between 3.5 x 7 inches and 5 x 6 inches. Fine condition.

[Book #138787]