Farewell, My Lovely

Los Angeles: AVCO Embassy Pictures, 1975. Vintage black-and-white still photograph from the 1975 film. Based on the 1940 novel by Raymond Chandler, a Haycraft Queen Cornerstone.

One of two 1970s neo noir Raymond Chandler adaptations starring Robert Mitchum as hard-boiled private detective Phillip Marlowe, hired by a crazed ex-con who wishes to locate an old girlfriend named Velma. During his hunt, Marlowe is railroaded into a psychotic brothel, where he experiences a surreal drug-induced nightmare and is pushed deeper into a complex web of lies and deceit.

Set in Los Angeles, shot there on location.

8 x 10 inches mounted on 10 x 15 inch mat board. Very Good plus.

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[Book #139092]

Price: $75.00