See You in Hell, Darling [An American Dream]

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1966. Original US one-sheet poster for the 1966 film, "See You in Hell, Darling," here under the working title, and that of the 1965 Norman Mailer source novel, "An American Dream." Affixed to the poster is a National Movie Month advertisement, for the month of October, the UK release month.

Stephen (Whitman) is a returning war hero who becomes a television commentator. After an argument with his alcoholic wife, Deborah (Parker), he throws her from a 30-story window. Stephen tells the police she committed suicide, and resumes his affair with a gun moll named Cherry (Leigh). Deborah's father is hot on the trail, and convinces Stephen to confess his guilt, but does not bring him to the police. Cherry is meanwhile lured into luring Stephen into an ambush with gangsters.

27 x 41 inches, folded as issued. Very Good plus, with small corner and central tears, and brief crease to the affixed advertisement.

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