Sid and Nancy [Love Kills]

London: Commies From Mars / Initial Pictures, 1985. Third Draft script for the 1986 film, "Sid and Nancy," here under the working title, "Love Kills." INSCRIBED by Kate Simon in holograph ink on the verso of the last page of text.

Simon was "a friend of Alex Cox's and [she] helped him vis a vis the fine details of the 'time of the Sex Pistols' in London in 1976 / To that end [she] showed him in London the pub where we hung out, took sulphate (the Roebuck) and [she] also tried to set up a meeting with him and Johnny Thunders / Finally, [she is] thanked at the end of 'Sid and Nancy' and [she] photographed him (as he was writing the script there) at the room in the Chelsea Hotel where Sid and Nancy lived / Kate Simon / 4-8-09."

Brilliant but gritty biographical look at Sid Vicious (Oldman), bassist for the British punk band Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy (Webb). Their relationship is sprinkled with guilt, sympathy, and copious drug use, implying Nancy introduced Sid to heroin when she traveled to London to have sex with the Sex Pistols. The two fall in love, commit to a suicide pact, and try to start a new solo career in New York after the breakup of the band. One night, in a drug-induced stupor, Sid announces his intention to quit heroin and move back to London, prompting a suicidal Nancy to beg him to kill her. Perhaps unintentionally, perhaps not, Sid stabs Nancy and she dies in the bathroom.

Set in London and New York, shot there on location, and in New Jersey, California, and France. The soundtrack boasts songs by Dan Wool, The Pogues, John Cale, KC & The Sunshine Band, and several Sex Pistols songs, with the title track "Love Kills" by Joe Strummer.

Illustrated titled self wrappers, noted as 3RD DRAFT on the front wrapper, dated 1985, with credits for screenwriters Cox and Wool. Title page integral with front wrapper. 113 leaves, with last page of text numbered 107. Mechanical duplication. Very Good plus, bound with three green twist ties (in true punk fashion).

Criterion Collection 20.

[Book #139365]

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