Without Pity [Senza pieta]

Rome [Roma]: Lux Film, 1948. Two vintage French borderless still photographs from the 1948 Italian film. Both images depict African American actor John Kitzmiller. Foto Franci rubber stamp to the verso, alongside various holograph annotations in pencil and red felt ink.

At the close of World War II an African American sergeant struggles with the temptation to sell ex-military supplies to the black market, finally caving to pressure in order to save a woman with whom he has fallen in love. Though released in the US a year after its Italian debut, it would quickly be banned there and in British-occupied Germany. In part the censorship was due to the film's depiction of interracial romance (less offensive in Europe than in the US), though moreso for its sociopolitical assertion about the state of race relations in the United States: after World War II scores of African American GIs chose to go AWOL rather than return to discrimination.

Set in Northern Italy, shot on location in Tuscany, Italy.

7 x 9.5 inches. Very Good plus condition.

[Book #139884]