Truck Turner

Hayes, Isaac, Yaphet Kotto (starring)
Jonathan Kaplan (director)
Oscar Williams, Michael Allin (screenwriter)

Los Angeles: American International Pictures [AIP], 1974. Vintage still photographs from the 1974 film, showing Yaphet Kotto and two of his compatriots.

A constant barrage of car chases and bloody shootouts, Isaac Hayes plays a pimp-killing bounty hunter on whom the tables are turned when one of his mark's girlfriends puts a hit out on him. Hayes must outsmart Kotto's intimidating gangster or be killed himself.

Hayes provided the soundtrack, and "Star Trek's" Nichelle Nichols made her only 1970s feature appearance as a foul-mouthed whorehouse madam. Released as a double feature with the inimitable "Foxy Brown." Shot on location in Los Angeles.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Parish and Hill 224.
Howard, Blaxploitation Cinema, p. 37-38, 40, 59, 217-218.

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