Song of the Exile

N.p. Cos Group, 1990. Vintage Hong Kong double crown poster for the 1990 Hong Kong-Taiwanese film. SIGNED on the recto in Chinese by an unknown person.

In Ann Hui's semi-fictional autobiography, she weaves a tale of familial dysfunction, uncertain origin, and self discovery. After being passed up for a job at the BBC, 26-year-old Cheung Hueyin returns home to Hong Kong. There, she must reconcile the strained relationship between her and her mother, a Japanese immigrant unable to assimilate to Hong Kong's culture. The two return to her mother's birthplace in Japan and attempt to gain a better understanding of one another.

Shot on location in Hong Kong, Japan, and London.

21 x 30 inches. Very Good plus, with small scratches to the recto, stamped to the verso,and lightly wrinkled overall.

[Book #140098]