Lost Command

Alain Delon, Michele Morgan (starring)
Mark Robson (director)
Jean Larteguy (novel)
Nelson Gidding (screenwriter)
Anthony Quinn, George Segal (starring)

N.p. Red Lion, 1966. Vintage color studio still photograph from the 1966 film. Based on Jean Larteguy's 1960 novel, "The Centurions."

A French Army Colonel leads his platoon in the battles against Viet Minh communists and Algerian guerrilla fighters in Indonesia and Algeria. The Algerian War is particularly philosophically unsettling to his men, who begin to question the motives of France and the legitimacy of its claims to the region.

Shot on location in Spain.

8 x 10 inches. Pin holes to the corners, else Near Fine.

[Book #140377]