Burbank, CA: Walt Disney Productions, 1982. Collection of six vintage film still photographs (three of which are borderless) from the French release of the groundbreaking 1982 film. Featuring an image of Jeff Bridges and Cindy Morgan in their Grid bodysuits as well as various images of computer graphics that represent the Grid.

Jeff Bridges plays a game designer who ends up in the very game he's been programming, and who must defeat the computer-generated image of his money-grubbing employer. The pinnacle of computer graphics technology at the time, a hybrid of back-lit live action and computer-generated visuals, "TRON" was one of the first of many films to reflect the burgeoning video game craze of the 1980s. The creation of these hybrid graphics took the work of at least four distinct graphics firms, with over 550 people involved in post-production work.

While critically acclaimed for its flashy visual spectacle, "TRON" fared more poorly at the box office than the studio expected, though in time the film would escape its cult status and become the highly-lauded landmark in science fiction film history that it had always been. Nominated for two Academy Awards. Shot on location in California.

7 x 9.5 inches. Fine condition.

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