The Conspirators

New York: Double Helix Films, circa 1987. Draft script for an unproduced film. Copy belonging to Kimberly Ryan, with her name and phone number on the title page in holograph pencil and ink. With a few annotations in holograph pencil.

An unproduced film adaptation of Joseph Conrad's 1911 novel "Under Western Eyes," which many consider to be Conrad's response to Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment," whom Conrad detested. Conrad's father was a revolutionary imprisoned by the Russians which initially inspired both this book and Conrad's hatred of the authorities of the Russian empire.

The story generally deals with the failed attempts of a revolutionary, told through a teacher of languages living in Geneva, as the narrator. A young revolutionary Razumov feels isolated within the Czarist system and cynical about his station in life but falls into a trap of unfairness through simply associating with actual revolutionaries, which land him in trouble and inspire others to take a stand against the government. Razumov betrayed a fellow revolutionary by ratting him out to the police, and then working with the police as a double agent. When his conscience gets the better of him and he confesses his misdeeds to a revolutionary gathering in Switzerland, they destroy his eardrums. A deaf Razumov is crushed by a tram and dies soon after.

Set in St. Petersburg, Russia and Geneva, Switzerland.

Blue titled wrappers, with credits for screenwriters Adam Gillon and Scott Gordon, and author Joseph Conrad. Title page present, with credits for screenwriters Gillon and Gordon, and author Conrad. 128 leaves, with last page of text numbered 127. Xerographically duplicated. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Very Good plus bound with three silver brads.

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