Space Master X-7 [Missile into Space]

Edward Bernds (director)
George Worthing Yates, Daniel Mainwaring (screenwriter)
Bill Williams, Lyn Thomas, Robert Ellis (starring)

N.p. Regal Films, 1958. Draft script for the 1958 film. Copy belonging to actress Lyn Thomas, with annotations throughout relating to her character in the film, Laura.

A space probe returns to earth bearing an unusual extraterrestrial fungus which, when accidentally mixed with human blood, turns into space rust. The rust expands rapidly, threatening to consume the entire planet. Produced on a tight budget, $125,00 with $25,000 for the screenwriters, and rushed to production so that the release would coincide with the Explorer launch.

Shot on location in California.

Red untitled wrapper, lacking front wrapper. Title page present, dated March 7, 1958, with credits for screenwriters Daniel Mainwaring and George Worthing Yates. 108 leaves, with last page of text numbered 102. mechanical duplication, with blue, pink, and yellow revision pages throughout, dated variously between 3/4/58 and 3/13/58. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, lacking front wrapper. Bound with two gold brads.

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