The Lady from Shanghai

Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures, 1947. Archive of seven vintage single and double weight fashion publicity photographs from the 1947 film. Mimeograph snipe on the verso of a few photos notes the Jean Louis clothing designs for the film. Photographers’ rubber stamp also to the versos.

Based on the 1938 novel "If I Die Before I Wake" by Sherwood King. Surreal and visually stunning, The Lady from Shanghai tells a quintessential film noir tale of moral chaos, reaching its climax with a shootout in an abandoned hall of mirrors.

The collection features photographs of leading lady Rita Hayworth in various stylish outfits, and sporting the controversial short blonde hairstyle that soon-to-be ex-husband Orson Welles forced her to accept for the role.

Robert Coburn, who photographed all but one of the images in this collection, was one of the most influential portrait photographers employed by movie studios from the 1930s to 1960s, with his most famous portraits immortalizing Hollywood’s greatest icons and helping to define the era as the Golden Age of Cinema. In 1940, Coburn began a twenty-year career with Columbia Pictures as the head of the still production department and the studio’s chief portrait photographer for many landmark films including “Picnic”, “Gilda”, and “The Big Heat."

Set in California, New York, and Mexico, and shot there on location.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine to Fine condition.

Grant US Classic Noir. Selby US Masterwork. Spicer US. Silver & Ward Classic Noir.

[Book #140755]