Boiling Point

Los Angeles: H. N. Swanson, 1962. Third Draft script for an unproduced film.

Police receive a call on a scorcher of an early morning that someone in a apartment building will be killing themselves. They arrive on the scene to find the caller with a gun and shooting wildly at anyone who begins to walk up the steps to him. A sick boy is trapped on the same floor as him, as well as an adulterous couple and an old couple content to die. The boy is revealed to have a bottle of nitroglycerine and plans to take out the whole building at 5:30 am on July 16th, to make the occasion of the first atomic bomb, leaving the police in a race against time to figure out how to diffuse the situation.

Set in New York City.

Gray titled wrappers. Title page present, dated September 14, 1962, noted as Third Draft, with credits for screenwriter David Harmon. 141 leaves, with last page of text numbered 146. Mechanical duplication, with blue revision pages throughout, dated variously between September 24, 1962 and September 25, 1962. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine bound with two gold brads.

[Book #140839]