Los Angeles: APJAC Productions, 1972. Second Revised Draft script for an unproduced film.

It is 2048 and the Republic of America is shadowed in a deep dystopia following control of the Northeast region of Mayor Tupman and his Tenants Association, a private militia which illegally murders those who speak out and get others hooked on drugs to keep them happy. Agent Kyle is the new head of the police department, sent by central command and recommended for the post by the computer Mother, the all-powerful, all-knowing nervous system of the new republic. He finds something fishy about the TA and the mayor and the enforced policies of making giving birth illegal. He begins to get to the bottom of it all when the forces of government begin working against him.

Set in future Republic of America.

Green titled wrappers, noted as Second Revised Screenplay on the front wrapper. Title page present, noted as Second Revised Screenplay, with credits for screenwriters Lewis Davidson, and Richard L. Adams. 129 leaves, with last page of text numbered 123. Mechanical duplication, with blue revision pages throughout, dated May 23, 1972. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine bound with two gold brads.

[Book #140840]

Price: $75.00