The Last Valley

James Clavell (director, screenwriter, producer)
J.B. Pick (novel)
Michael Caine, Omar Sharif, Florinda Bolkan, Nigel Davenport (starring)

Troy, MI: Anchor Bay Entertainment, 1971. Collection of six vintage film still photographs from the 1971 film. Paper snipe affixed to the verso of three images.

Based on the 1959 novel by J.B. Pick, about the people of a small village, previously safe from the fighting during the Thirty Years' War, trying to peacefully co-exist with a band of occupying mercenaries. Often cited by Michael Caine as a favorite among his many roles.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine, manuscript graphite and ink annotations to the verso. Black manuscript notation to the recto of one image.

[Book #141346]