Daily Variety

Hollywood: Daily Variety, 1962. Twelve original entertainment trade magazines, all from July 1962, focusing on film, radio, and television, with book reviews, job postings, ads for local California restaurants and real estate, and a consistent coverage of happenings in Mexico. Many issues here report on the MCA film studios antitrust lawsuit of the year, when the company dissolved its talent agency, one of the largest of its time.

Daily Variety, an imprint of Variety, began in 1933 as a daily compendium to the entertainment trade weekly, for the sole purpose of covering the booming Hollywood motion-picture industry. It ran for over fifty years, after three generations of Silverman publishers. Centerfold spreads of film advertisements were also featured, often in color, and some even included color fold-out, pullout film posters.

Featured are issues for 1962, each published at ten cents each: July 6 (American International centerfold: "Tales of Terror," "Panic in Year Zero," "Marco Polo"), July 9, July 10 ("Boccaccio '70" centerfold), July 11 ("The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" pullout poster), July 12 (Preminger's "Advice and Consent" centerfold), July 13, July 16 ("Hatari!" centerfold), July 17 ("Five Weeks in a Balloon" centerfold), July 18 ("That Touch of Mink" centerfold), July 19 ("The Interns" centerfold), July 20 (television Code Authority ban on "bitch"), July 23 (Peckinpah's "Ride the High Country" and George Burns one-page ads).

9.25 x 12.25 inches, saddle-stitched semi-gloss stock, varying page count but overall 5-10 leaves per. Toning, else Near Fine. Issues before 1970 are scarce.

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