Jokosei nise nikki

Tokyo: Nikkatsu, 1981. Collection of eight vintage studio still photographs from the 1981 film.

The famed Japanese photographer's only film, a "pink" film for Nikkatsu Studio's "Roman Porno" series, known alternately as "High School Girl Fake Diary," "The Pseudo-diary of a High School Girl," and "Diary of a High School Girl" in English. Pink film is a broad genre of low budget Japanese pornographic films, though often with artistic and visual inventiveness and narrative drive far beyond their American counterparts. Nikkatsu was particularly well known for allowing almost unlimited artistic freedom to filmmakers, as long as they met the studio mandated requirement of four nude or sex scenes per hour.

6.5 x 4.75 inches (17 x 12 cm). A couple of photographs lightly toned, else Fine.

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