La Collectionneuse

Paris: Les Films du Losange, 1967. Vintage oversize double weight photograph from the 1967 film. A striking image, showing actor Haydee Politoff getting ready for a day at the beach with the assistance of fellow-actor Patrick Bauchau.

The third film in Eric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" series, made quickly and with very little budget due to delays in starting filming what was to be the next film in the series, "My Night at Maud's." Rohmer conceived the story, about a love triangle between two friends and the woman they unexpectedly share a vacation house with, and he and the cast created the screenplay through long rehearsals, and only shot a few takes of each scene. This process, along with the use of natural light and fluid long shots, would be used by Rohmer and cinematographer Nestor Almendros again in later films.

11.75 x 9.5 inches (30 x 24 cm). Diagonal crease to the upper left corner, else Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 346. Ebert IV.

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