Return to the Titanic -- Live

Hollywood: Westgate, 1987. Draft script for the 1987 television film. Copy belonging to host and narrator Telly Savalas, with his autograph on the title page, and his annotations throughout in holograph ink and pencil.

A live television event broadcast in 1987, featuring the latest footage of the sunken vessel, shot via a French submarine expedition. The event was highly publicized as discovering the lost treasure of the luxury liner, which turned out to be about $5,000 in gold coins and some discolored jewelry. Costing over $3 million, the event was a complete failure, summarily dismissed as a sensationalist media stunt.

Set in Paris and the Atlantic Ocean, shot on location there as well.

Title page present, dated October 6, 1987, with credits for screenwriter John Gilligan. 108 leaves, with last page of text numbered 108. Xerographic duplication, first generation. Pages Near Fine, lacking wrapper housed in a three ring binder.

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