Face/Off [Face Off]

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1996. Revised Final rainbow production archive and script for the 1997 film. Copy belonging to uncredited crew member D. Maynard, with their name in holograph ink on the half-title page, and containing 88 tipped in Polaroid photographs throughout detailing cast hairstyles in particular scenes, including numerous images of stars Joan Allen and Dominique Swain.

The second and most highly regarded of the six films legendary Hong Kong action director John Woo made in Hollywood, and perhaps the purest distillation of his wildly over-the-top neo-noir aesthetic ever put to celluloid, with a premise so gloriously nuts that one wonders how it ever was greenlit in the first place. (Answer: it was the 1990s). John Travolta plays FBI agent Sean Archer, who undergoes a face transplant to look like terrorist Castor Troy in order to infiltrate Troy's gang and discover the location of a bomb. Meanwhile, Nicholas Cage plays terrorist Castor Troy, who, awaking to find out his face has been removed and placed on FBI agent Sean Archer, forces the doctors to transplant Archer's face onto his in order to get his revenge. Archer, now played by Cage, must not only find the bomb, but also track down Troy, now played by Travolta, before he kills his family. Guns are drawn, explosions are walked away from, scenery is chewed, speedboats fly into midair, and flocks of doves take flight. Nominated for an Academy Award.

Housed in a contemporary three ring binder. Yellow titled wrappers. Title page present, dated October 22, 1996, noted as Revised Final, with credits for Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, and revisions by Wesley Strick. 137 leaves, with last page of text numbered 124. Xerographic duplication, first generation copy, with variously colored revision pages throughout, dated variously between 11/7/96 and 3/13/97. Pages Fine, wrapper Near Fine, housed in generic three ring binder.

Grant US. Spicer Neo-Noir.

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