L'Atlantide / The Mistress of Atlantis / Die Herrin von Atlantis

Germany: Nero-Film AG, 1932. Collection of 10 vintage photographs from the three 1932 films, showing all three actors portraying the character of St. Avit on the set, interacting with each other and locals in the Sahara Desert setting. With holograph annotations on either the recto or verso of some of the photographs.

Based on the 1919 novel "L'Atlantide" by Pierre Benoit. Pabst simultaneously shot three versions of the film, in French, English, and German, with different casts except for Brigitte Helm as the evil queen of a lost civilization, Antinea. Previously filmed in 1920, directed by Jacques Feyder, starring Stacia Napierkowska and Jean Angelo, and subsequently in 1949 as "Siren of Atlantis," directed by Gregg G. Talias, and starring Maria Montez and Jean-Pierre Aumont, and again in 1992, directed by Bob Swaim, and starring Victoria Mahoney and Christopher Thompson.

Set and shot on location in the Algerian Sahara Desert.

3.5 x 2.5 inches. Near Fine.

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