Archive of 41 issues of Filmmakers Newsletter, 1967-1971

New York: Filmmakers Newsletter / Filmmakers' Cinematheque, 1967-1971. Archive of 41 issues of "Filmmakers Newsletter," dating from the first four years of the magazine, including Vol. I, issue 1. Early issues of the magazine are scarce, and putting together a collection of this size piecemeal would be prohibitively difficult.

Founded in 1967 by experimental filmmaker Carl Linder as "New York Filmmakers' Newsletter," it was originally published out of the Filmmakers Cinematheque, and served a similar purpose as Canyon Cinema's "Canyon Cinemanews," disseminating information on screenings, festivals, and republishing articles and essays about experimental film. Suni Mallow took over as editor in early 1968, and she quickly brought a wider focus to the magazine, dropping "New York" from the title and publishing the magazine under its own imprint (although it still retained ties to the Cinematheque). This broader approach to the world of avant garde film was successful, and when Mallow sold the magazine in 1979 (after becoming publisher in 1969), it had one of the highest ad rates per reader in business, speaking to "Filmmakers Newsletter's" reach and influence among experimental filmmakers, distributors, hobbiest, critics, and fans.

Contributors to the issues in the archive include Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner, George Maciunas, Hollis Frampton, Standish Lawder, and Alan Lomax, while future Academy Award and Cannes animator Bill Plympton was a staff member in 1970.

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Issues 8.5 x 11 inches, with black and white images and illustrations throughout. Generally Near Fine.

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