The Shaggy Dog [Quelle vie de chien!]

Burbank, CA: Walt Disney Productions, 1959. Two original film still photographs from the 1959 US film, here under the French title, "Quelle vie de chien!" Shaggy appears in both photos, starring teen actors Tommy Kirk and Tim Considine in one. French title on the versos in holograph ink, numerical notation on the versos in holograph pencil.

Immensely popular fantasy film based on Salten's "The Hound of Florence" (1923), released in France in December 1959. Inspiration for the sequel "The Shaggy D.A." (1976), two-part television movie "The Return of the Shaggy Dog" (1987), remakes (1994, 2006), and was the most profitable release from Walt Disney Productions to date.

Wilby (Kirk) is a misunderstood teen with an inventive imagination his father, Wilson, grapples to understand. After a trip to a history museum, Wilby mistakenly absconds with the cursed ancient ring of Borgia, and obliviously reads the inscription that turns him into a "big, baggy, stupid-looking shaggy dog." As a dog, Wilby overhears secret government spy operations, drives a hot rod, saves a drowning girl, and attacks his nemesis Buzz (Considine). His valiant efforts transform him back to human just as he and Buzz come to realize it's better to be friends.

4.75 x 6.75 inches, with small white borders at the bottom. Slight curling, else Near Fine.

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