Fernandel the Dressmaker [Le couturier de ces dames]

Paris: Cite Films, 1956. Collection of 22 original still photographs and portrait photographs from the 1956 French film, here under the French title "Le couturier de ces dames." Starring actors Fernandel and Françoise Fabian are present in most of the images, including four high contrast portraits of Fabian, and a tense scene featuring Fernandel, Fabian, and Delair. In nearly all photos, Fernandel is seen posing models, dancing, and generally being forthcoming, while a in smaller photo, two men are tailoring a woman's costume, one of them smoking a cigarette. Eleven photos with numerical annotations on the versos in pencil, one with "Le couturier de ces dames" in ditto mimeograph duplication.

Fernand Vignard (Fernandel) is a tailor who needs to create a lasting fashion line to save his business. He does, but he also cavorts a little with the models (Fabian), and his wife (Delair) discovers his infidelity. The film spoofed the new haute couture that was thriving at the time, with notable designers Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin (who worked on this film), and Japanese native Hanae Mori, yet to represent the "new look."

Fernandel was France's leading funny man for decades, and Fabian has over 80 film credits, including Louis Malle's "The Thief of Paris" (1967) and Luis Buñuel's "Belle de jour" (1967).

Shot on location in Val-de-Marne, France.

5 x 7 inches, small white borders, one photo 3.25 x 4.25 inches. Light curling, else Near Fine.

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